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Hear ye, hear ye...

The scene is set by a blissful and peaceful Amber setting. It is summer, as it always is in Amber. The town is bustling and the people are going about their business as they always have done. The babies are crying and the chhildren are playing in the streets as they have done for time out of mind.

Amber is in stasis. The population in constant, the people have always had the jobs they have now, the children are always children and the old and decrepit are always just that. Whenever one of them dies for any reason, one is born to compensate, a baby becomes a child, a child a teenager, a teenager a young man and so on until one takes the place of the dead one.

The elders are the ones that keep the population from stagnation. They bring change with them through Shadow, although they do not realise their importance. The best turn you can do one of Amber would be to reward their services by taking them through shadow and leaving them there. Trumps are very different in this campaign, there are no deck as such, rather the whole back wall of the Amber palace throne room is covered in Trump artistry embedded in it. They are two way communication and psychic link only.

The elders are dispersed throught Shadow. Corwin to his ‘Paris’ pattern. Llewella is in Rebma. Random is king and enjoying it thouroughly. Caine has command of the Amber fleet. Gerard has been on a half-a-century cross-shadow pub crawl and enjoying every minute of it (except when he’s sober). Flora is out in shadow, location unknown. Benedict left last week, into Shadow giving no reasons. Eric is getting used to the idea of eing mortal. Oberon is recieving Trump contact but cannot be located. Fiona is spendingtime with her relatives in Chaos. Merlin is king of Chaos, his ring lost. Brand is dead, down the Abyss. Dierdre’s Trump is active but she cannot be contacted. Bleys is in Amber.

Relations with Chaos are tepid, although bands from both sides have been scoring points off each other.

There is a new player in town, the Ogier, sentient Shadow dwellers who recently started turning up around the place. They have shown inexplicable powers and strange lackings. They come froman unknown sourceand they do not explain themselves to anyone. They are about 9 foot tall, extremely strong and very intelligent. Their prowess in combat is legendary and even Benedict admitted closely matched when sparring with three at once. The battle finished yesterday after fighting for two days straight, the three finally bested him, but only just.

It is about 50-60 years as Amber measures it after the Paternfall war. It is interesting times that they live in.

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